New Arrivals: Honduras, Ethiopia

Morning all!

I’ve fallen a bit behind the curve on this, but better late than never. We’ve added two new coffees to the shop over the past week that I wanted to quickly share.

The first is a meticulously culled regional blend from the small town of Santa Elena, in the Department of La Paz, Honduras. Honduras Dulce Meloso is dotted with complex fruit tones underpinned by an overt sweetness. Notes include orange, lemon-lime, caramel, honey and vanilla. A really great example of smallholder Honduran coffee.

Next up, we have a new Ethiopian, this one from the town of Shakiso in southern Ethiopia. Ethiopia Shakiso Mormora is a strangely “refreshing” cup, showing bergamot oil, rose water florals, citrus, and acidity similar to sweet tea with lemon. Body is very light, but acidity is bright and the overall profile is complex and packed with flavor.

Hope you get a chance to check them out!

New Arrival: El Salvador Finca El Angel

Afternoon everyone. Still steaming out there in the Richmond today, though a bit cooler than it was yesterday. We haven’t touched our Chemex all weekend. It’s been pure cold brew over here (I’ve been experimenting with this simple recipe).

In any event, wanted to briefly advise that we’ve just rolled out a new coffee to fill the spot vacated earlier this week by Ethiopia Kela Kochore. To wit:

El Salvador Finca El Angel is sourced from a small farm located on the steep slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in the country’s northwest. In the cup, it shows weighty body, a balanced base coffee flavor, plus brown sugar sweetness and hints of coffee cake crumble. Top notes include dried apple, raisin, and black walnut. An overall lovely El Salvador coffee and great for straight espresso too.

Hope you get a chance to check it out and stay cool!

Fresh Coffee at Appel & Dietrich

Afternoon all,

Just wanted to send word to you locals out there that we’ve just delivered batches of Panama Camiseta Estate and our French Roast to Appel & Dietrich at 22nd and California. They’re right out of the roaster, so if you’re in need of some fresh beans, swing by and grab a bag! Look for them at the front of the second aisle, right below the coffee dispensers.

For fans of lighter roasts, the Panama has really nice sweetness and balanced acidity. Flavors include caramel, butter pecan and toffee nut.

For those of you partial to darker roasts, the French is smokey, bittersweet and full-bodied. Great with eggs or a morning pastry.


Now Available at Appel & Dietrich

Exciting things happening on this end today!

The good folks over at Appel & Dietrich (aka, 6001 California Market) have offered us our very first sliver of grocer shelf space. As of today, you can pick up a bag of our tasty beans (Panama, Ethiopia or French Roast) at the front end of the second aisle (right below the coffee dispensers). We’re still working on signage, and hope to have that sorted out soon. In the meantime, just look for our name on the chunky brown paper bags 🙂

Hope you get a chance to swing by! (…and, if you do, be sure to grab one of Chico’s **ridiculously** good sandwiches. The roast beef and pesto is absolutely killer. My two cents: get it anyway he suggests. The man is a sandwich wizard – without a doubt one of the best kept secrets in the hood…)

New Arrivals: Panama, Kenya

Howdy folks!

I’ve got two new shop updates to share with you this evening.

The first is an offering from the town of Boquete in western Panama. Panama Camiseta Estate shows rock-solid sweetness in the cup. Flavors include caramel, butter pecan, and toffee-nut. Acidity is balanced and a pleasing allspice aroma ties it all together, making for a great daily brew.

Next up, we have our first Kenyan of the season, this one from Nyeri in Central Province. Kenya Nyeri Gathaithi has lemon-like acidity and notes of melon, apple, and fresh mint. The finish is long and sweet and makes me think of sugarcane juice. Like so many coffees from the region, this one is a true beauty.

Hope you get a chance to check them out!

New Arrival: Ethiopia Buufata Konga

Evening all. Been a while. We hope your summer’s going as well as ours is!

Just wanted to send word that we’ve added our first washed Ethiopian of the season to the shop.

Ethiopia Buufata Konga was sourced through a private washing station near Yirga Cheffe town and, like so many coffees from the area, is both potent and refined.

The dry fragrance shows an abundance of stone fruit and florals and cup flavors include apricot nectar, orange juice, honey sweetness and subtle spice accents like ginger powder, clove, and coriander. Very clean and complex.

Hope you get a chance to check it out!

New Arrival: Rwanda Kivu Kanzu

Afternoon folks. Glorious out in District One today!

We’ve just updated the shop with a new offering from Rwanda to replace our now-depleted lot of Karongi Gitesi….which I will miss! This latest addition promises to be a gem as well.

Rwanda Kivu Kanzu comes from the southwest area of Lake Kivu in Rwanda’s Nyamasheke District.

In the cup, our medium/light (City+) roasts are showing marzipan, raisin, and dark grape, as well as top note highlights of cardamom, Darjeeling tea, and spiced orange punch. A really terrific brewing coffee and good for espresso too (so long as you serve the shot straight).

Hope you get a chance to check it out!

Now Delivering to All Parts of SF (and Beyond)

Afernoon all.

I wanted to quickly advise of one important and exciting operational change on our end. In short, we are now shipping to all parts of San Francisco, as well as out of area.

If you’re local, fear not. Orders placed within the 94121 and 94118 zip codes of SF are *still* eligible for free hand delivery.

If you’re non-local, however, you can now use reduced-rate USPS First Class (2-5 days) or Priority Mail (1-3 days) shipping to get a hold of some tasty beans. Orders placed by 1:00pm PST will ship the following business day.

If you have any questions or comments regards to these new options, please feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to assist.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

New Arrival: Guatemala Boqueroncito

Evening all.

We unexpectedly blew through our lot of Brazil Pedra Branca in just over a week. The good news is that we’ve got another coffee lined up and ready to take its place.

Guatemala Boqueroncito is sourced from a farm very close to another that we’ve bought from in the past, Finca Regalito, in the Hoja Blanca area of Huehuetenango.

In the cup, this one shows layered raw sugar sweetness, blackberry, dried cherry, and cinnamon spiced chocolate. Body is remarkably thick, and acidity is bright and berry-like. Perfect for both brewed and espresso applications.

Hope you get a chance to check it out!

New Arrival: Brazil Pedra Branca

Good morning all and Happy Friday.

We’re kicking off the weekend with a fresh shop offering from an origin that we don’t visit very often. Brazil Pedra Branca is a dry processed coffee sourced from the municipality of Pedralva in the state of Minas Gerais, southeast Brazil.

In the cup, we’re getting fruit-forwardness – primarily red berry and wine grapes – offset by layered cacao, hazelnut, and peanut flavors. As is typically the case with Brazilian coffees, acidity is a bit on the muted side, but body is hefty.

Hope you get a chance to check it out!