New Arrivals: Honduras, Ethiopia

Morning all!

I’ve fallen a bit behind the curve on this, but better late than never. We’ve added two new coffees to the shop over the past week that I wanted to quickly share.

The first is a meticulously culled regional blend from the small town of Santa Elena, in the Department of La Paz, Honduras. Honduras Dulce Meloso is dotted with complex fruit tones underpinned by an overt sweetness. Notes include orange, lemon-lime, caramel, honey and vanilla. A really great example of smallholder Honduran coffee.

Next up, we have a new Ethiopian, this one from the town of Shakiso in southern Ethiopia. Ethiopia Shakiso Mormora is a strangely “refreshing” cup, showing bergamot oil, rose water florals, citrus, and acidity similar to sweet tea with lemon. Body is very light, but acidity is bright and the overall profile is complex and packed with flavor.

Hope you get a chance to check them out!