New Arrival: El Salvador Finca El Angel

Afternoon everyone. Still steaming out there in the Richmond today, though a bit cooler than it was yesterday. We haven’t touched our Chemex all weekend. It’s been pure cold brew over here (I’ve been experimenting with this simple recipe).

In any event, wanted to briefly advise that we’ve just rolled out a new coffee to fill the spot vacated earlier this week by Ethiopia Kela Kochore. To wit:

El Salvador Finca El Angel is sourced from a small farm located on the steep slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in the country’s northwest. In the cup, it shows weighty body, a balanced base coffee flavor, plus brown sugar sweetness and hints of coffee cake crumble. Top notes include dried apple, raisin, and black walnut. An overall lovely El Salvador coffee and great for straight espresso too.

Hope you get a chance to check it out and stay cool!