New Arrivals: Rwanda Karongi Gitesi, Tanzania Shiwanda Estate PB

As promised last week, we’ve just added two fresh selections to the shop.

The first is a coffee that we’ve purchased for the past two years. This year’s crop is scoring very well on the cupping table too, so we’re back for round three. As in past years, Rwanda Karongi Gitesi is on the complex side of typical offerings that we sample from Rwanda. Notes include lemon-like citrus, orange blossom honey, black tea, ginger chews, and an aroma of Clove chewing gum (remember Clove?). A bit exotic, but taken together, the profile produces a wonderful cup of brewed coffee.

Next up, we have a peaberry offering from Mbozi District, Tanzania. In the cup, Tanzania Shiwanda Estate PB shows green tea sweetened with table sugar, dark cocoa and thick body. As with some of the Colombian coffees that we’ve offered recently, this one is a bit muted at first. But if you allow the cup to cool a bit, you’ll be rewarded with subtle tropical fruit notes and a jasmine pearl accent the finish.

Hope you check them both out.