New Arrivals: PNG Bauka Blue, Guatemala Finca El Regalito

Happy Friday folks. Wanted to kick off the weekend with two new additions to the shop.

First up is a fresh offering from Guatemala, this one from Cuilco in the Department of Huehuetenango. Guatemala Finca El Regalito shows pristine sweetness, with fruit notes including golden raisin, currant, plum, and white grape. The finish is like chocolate covered toffee almonds and acidity is clean and crisp, adding elegance to the cup.

Next, we head to Papua New Guinea. PNG Bauka Blue is sourced from a female-run coffee farm (named “Bauka”) in the Aiyura Valley. In the cup, turbinado, date sugar, brown sugar and cocoa flavors give way to “earthy” almost pine-like accents as the cup cools. Like many coffees from this region, acidity is mild but body is on the bigger side, even at lighter roast levels.

Hope you get a chance to check them out.