Dual-Use, Take Two

We’ve had some sunshine this week in the Bay Area, but I’m told (yeah, by my phone) that the wind and rain are due back midweek. Probably not the ideal time to roll out a citrusy, floral blend, but we’re all out of our single-origin Colombia, and I’m itching to give this one a try.

Soooooooo, here goes:

Blend No. 38 is an all-Ethiopia, dual-use blend, and a lighter/brighter alternative to the more brooding Blend No. 31 (I really need to work on these names), which we launched last week. Shots have sweet chocolate flavors, along with pleasing citrus and floral characteristics. The net effect is a bit “wild”, and perhaps not for everyone (particularly if you’re making lots of milk drinks). That said, these beans also work very well with drip applications, should espresso prove too intense.

Either way, full details are here and hope you check them out.