New Arrival: Colombia Antioquia Urrao

Morning all. Glorious out in the Richmond today. And chilly! Great coffee weather (is there such a thing as bad coffee weather?)

Just wanted to advise that we’ve added a new offering to the shop to replace our recently depleted lot of Colombia Huila Timana. This one also hails from Colombia, but from the Department of Antioquia in the country’s northwest.

Colombia Antioquia Urrao boasts fruited aspects of ripe plum, dark berries, grape jam, and papaya, as well as an underlying sweetness of unrefined brown sugar. As with its predecessor, the hot cup is a bit subtle at first, but complexity builds significantly as the brew begins to cool.

Full details can be found here and hope you check it out.

Is it my imagination, or is that photo Christmasy?

Bah. Enjoy the weekend!