We’ve Got Cool New Bags

Afternoon all. I wanted to share a small piece of news that we’re feeling pretty good about today. Going forward, all of our roasted coffee will be delivered to you in “omnidegradable”, air-tight paper bags manufactured by Canada-based TekPak Solutions.

These bags are great, for both our customers and the environment. Not only will they promote bean freshness by keeping out air and light, but they can also be composted, recycled or (if you really must) thrown in landfill, as they will break down in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. They also come fitted with one-way degassing valves to release off-gassed carbon dioxide and are at present the only high-barrier biodegradable coffee bags on the market.

The caveat to note is that, while the bags themselves are compostable, their tin ties, degassing valves and labels are not (yet). So please remove all three prior to composting if you decide to go that route (we do). Just tear them right off and you’ll be good to go.