Good to Go

Well, it took a bit longer than we’d hoped, but our permits have cleared, our inventory has arrived, and we are officially accepting new orders for pickup or local delivery.

We’ll be adding more coffees to the shop in coming weeks and months, but decided to kick things off in simple fashion with these four offerings: a densely sweet Colombian from Finca Villa Rica, a fuller bodied Sumatran Peaberry from the Lake Toba area, a citrusy Ethiopian from Yirga Cheffe, and an elegantly complex Kenyan decaf from Nyeri County.

For a limited time, we’re also offering FREE delivery to all addresses within the 94121, 94129 and 94118 zip codes of San Francisco.

If you’re new to the site or just need a refresher on our roasting practices or delivery options, be sure to check out our FAQs page. And if that doesn’t clear things up, just drop us a line. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Hope to hear from you soon!